David VASSEUR // I am interested in the environment of the websites since 6 years. I work most of time alone or with my twin for important projects.



    My Facebook page where I post all that I could do or achieve during my years of study and Hypermedia Communication. I also share my personal creations.



    My Twitter profile for those who do not use a Facebook account. I share many things on my Facebook profile so do not hesitate to follow me @DavByWrongLight.

  • BWL ?


    As bassist of a band called "By Wrong Light!" I take care of all the communication part with the help of some friends. I realized the website www.bywronglight.fr.

  • MORE


    HTML/CSS : Good
    PHP : Good
    MYSQL : Good
    JAVASCRIPT : Self-learning
    AJAX : Self-learning
    ANGULARJS : Self-learning


The websites // that I have created during my studies or during my personal time. I realized two websites during a training period during my second year on Communication and Hypermedia.


My work // that i created during all my years of Communication and Hypermedia. I used a lot of softwares to create some of these like Adobe Creative Suite, Blender (3D software) and others.

  • Mobile Application - Hapta

    My second mobile application called "Hapta" finally available soon.

  • Back-End - By Wrong Light ?

    For the first time, I fully realized my first back-end to allow group members to manage all the information they wish to share effectively. In this Back-End all fields are required and i made an facebook API to directly send the information to the facebook page.

  • Flyers - Carol VASSEUR

    This flyer was created for helping the promotion of my mother in the "First Immobilier" agency.

  • Flyers - By Wrong Light

    This flyer was created for my band during the Muzik Casting 2013 competition, for be shared to the greatest number of people.

  • Application - By Wrong Light

    My first app with HTML5 and Cordova is finally done ! You can have access to all the band news and all different thing about them !

  • Teaser - Back To California

    I have made a teaser for the band "By Wrong Light" for the output of the first EP called "Back to California".

  • SoundLand

    My second video created in Private Space / Public Space in university, always using the same 3D software. Soundland talk about my vision of life, the fact that we learn all the time and that the path is never done.

  • Chider

    My first video created using the Blender software. I created this video for a school project based on 3D and motion.


Mobile Development // here all my mobile development that i'll create for learn the programming language. I have started this programming language during my last year of Bachelor and there is my first application available called By Wrong Light?.

My first mobile application using HTML5 called "By Wrong Light?". I have created this app during my last year of school. Create this app for my band was for me a good idea for start with this area.

My second mobile application using AngularJS and Ionic Framework called "Hapta". I have created this app for the project where i work actually.


Town // Annecy, France

Phone // (+33) 6 72 59 37 20


Do Tank Studios 2013
London, UK


Bachelor 2013
IAE Savoie Mont-Blanc - Annecy, FR
Information and Communication
Higher National Diploma 2010
University of Savoy - Annecy, FR
Software development